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What is a remortgage?

Remortgaging involves switching your mortgage to another deal, often with a different lender. For many people it is a way to get a better deal on your current property so that it works out cheaper, perhaps if your introductory rate or fixed rate period has finished.

For others, remortgaging can be a way to release cash for use on something such as home improvements or to consolidate debts. By using one of the mortgage advisors we can introduce you to, you can capitalise on the huge network of lenders to access some of the best remortgaging deals currently available.

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If you are considering remortgaging, we put you in touch with a specialist mortgage advisor (you don’t even need to meet face-to-face) and they have access to a huge network of lenders and will help you find the best remortgaging deals and get your remortgage processed for you as effortlessly as possible.

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Is remortgaging my best option?

There has never been a better time to remortgage. Interest rates are at an all-time low and have been at these historic low levels for some time. If considering switching your mortgage, it is worth treading with caution and seeking some advice to see if remortgaging is actually the best option for you.

Remortgaging is not always the best option, especially if you are considering switching from your existing lender, as you may have to pay an early repayment charge. There are other fees that may come into consideration depending on your lenders including arrangement fees, booking fees, legal fees, and valuation fees.

This all means that even though you may be switching to a much lower APR, it may not be cheaper for you, especially if your overall repayment date shifts. If you switch your mortgage deal with your current lender you may be able to avoid some of the additional costs.

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What types of remortgage deals are available?

You can remortgage with your existing lender or look to find an alternative remortgage deal elsewhere. The types of deal are pretty straightforward and much like a standard mortgage. A mortgage advisor will be able to advise you which option would work best for you:

Fixed-rate remortgage – whereby a lender will give you a fixed rate for a set number of years. This is preferable for people who like to be certain of the repayments amounts each month.

Tracker remortgage – this tracks the base interest rate set by the Bank of England so payments can go up or down depending on any movements in interest rates. If interest rates go down then you will be quids in.

Is it quick and easy to remortgage?

In comparison to taking out a mortgage when you are buying a property, remortgaging is usually a more straightforward and quick affair. Because you are remortgaging on an existing property you do not have the issues that come with house move or sale.

Some lenders may require a valuation, although for properties at the lower end of the scale these are often automated or not required at all, especially if the remortgage is considered safe because of the property owner’s previous credit record.

Remortgaging can usually be carried out in four to six weeks, or even quicker if you are remortgaging with your existing lender. It can also be speedier if you live in a standard property and you have an expert remortgage expert helping move things along for you.

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We know it’s a big decision, but when you’re ready to find your mortgage, we’ll be there to help you. It’s important that you get the right advice, and that where we come in, as we’ll help introduce you to a broker who specialises in advising and matching customers to the right deals for their circumstances.

We work with experts who know mortgages inside out and are well connected so that they are able to get the best possible deals for you. All this can be done without you even needing to meet face-to-face. All the advisors we refer you to are qualified and experienced and have dealt with every kind of mortgage.

We will introduce you to a broker free of charge and they’ll be able to advise you and get you a decision in principle, or written estimate from the mortgage lender, which will help prove to estate agents and vendors that you’re a serious buyer.

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I started my mortgage journey thinking I could never get a mortgage, well if I did I would be a long time due to a few mistakes I made back when I was a student. I got speaking to Luke Grosse. After months of searching things couldn’t of gone smoother on his end, he got me a mortgage offer. Easy to talk to, straight forward, explained everything in detail while being patient. Couldn’t recommend this company and Luke in particular any higher as my experience with them was fantastic. Finally completed on my purchase today and now I am a home owner with my fiancé.

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This being our first property purchase, we were very unfamiliar with the how things worked. With the support and help by these two fine ladies, we were able to steer in the right direction. We had constant communication throughout the process and communication was key in these purchase too. I definitely speak highly and recommend others the mortgage advisor as they were always willing to help and support us in any way possible.

Buddha Gurung

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