Get a Mortgage With a County Court Judgement (CCJ)

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How to get a mortgage with CCJ’s

There are a few things you can do to improve your chances of receiving a mortgage even if you have had credit troubles in the past.

These are some examples:

Improving your credit score – It’s a good idea to clean up your credit report in the months or years before you apply for a mortgage. Try to demonstrate to lenders that you can manage your debt properly. Avoid holding a balance on any credit cards. Instead, pay all bills on time and in full.

Accumulating a larger deposit – While this is easier said than done, saving a larger deposit can boost your chances of acquiring a mortgage. Many specialist lenders, who are normally more responsive to CCJs require larger deposits, thus the larger the deposit you can offer, the more lenders will evaluate your application, and the more competitive rates you can acquire.

Speak to a specialist broker – Obtaining a mortgage can be difficult even for individuals with good credit, but with a CCJ on your record, the pool of lenders available to you will be significantly narrower and, as a result, more difficult.

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Is it possible to remortgage with a CCJ?

Yes, that is possible, but you may find it more difficult to obtain the best rates and packages than someone with strong credit. Our brokers will compare mortgages from every lender across the whole market. This could help you avoid rejection and save you thousands of pounds over the life of your mortgage.